A visit to the San Marco monastery in Florence by Douglas Graebner
February 18, 2009, 12:00 pm
Filed under: architecture, art

This was actually one of my favorite places in Florence, possibly because it was deserted when I was there. It is quite a fine, if not terribly dramatic, building by Michelozzo, but the real stars are the paintings.


This is the principal cloister of Michelozzo’s building. It is probably one of the more peaceful places in Florence. I think that the lunettes are by Ghirlandaio, but the crucifixion in the corner is by Angelico.


The library of San Marco, which exhibits many fine manuscripts.  I think that studying would be a great deal easier if people could study in libraries like this.

And now for some paintings:


I, too, am reminded of Man Ray. Apparently, it was painted as a visual riddle of some sort for a novice.


That painting in situ.


Another fine Angelico in its original cell.

That’s all, folks. Tune in next week for the next installment of  our “Things in Florence” miniseries.


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I always found that Fra Angelico (or Benozzo Gozzoli, depending on whom you talk to) depiction of The Mocking of Christ rather witty, what with one cudgel being taken to Christ’s head even as the other staff represents his dominion of heaven and earth. It’s like an ironic rhyme. Also, the celadon (or pea-green, again depending on whom you ask) in the background is a deliciously soft color.

Comment by jambavantha

Mabye that’s the key to the riddle, then.
By the way, I’d not heard of that attribution to Gozzoli before. You learn something new every day.

Comment by dg61

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