Peter Parler the Younger: St Vitus Cathedral, Prague by Douglas Graebner
March 25, 2009, 12:01 pm
Filed under: architecture

One of the few gothic architects known to us by name, Parler was one of the great masters of late gothic.  Here is a non-exhaustive tour of his work for Prauge Cathedral:

St. Vitus Cathedral:


Parler’s choir vault. One of the most origninal aspects of Parler’s work was the use of net vauts like this.


Another interesting vault, this one in the “Golden Gate”.


St. Wencelaus Chapel in Prague Cathedral


Parler was also a sculptor, and he caved this self portrait as part of a series for the triforum. It quite likely that this is the oldest surviving  self-portrait in the history of western art.


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If you ever get a chance to go to Prague, or more specifically to St. Vitus Cathedral, take that chance. The pictures do not do justice to how awesome the place is (not that my pictures are any better).

Comment by Reinstein

I have been there(and hope to return at an indeterminate point). Really, no architectural masterpeice is well experienced in photographs(not least because you don’t get the scale).

Comment by dg61

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